While you might not give much thought to why you prefer red wine over white, a new survey says the type of wine you pick says a lot about your personality.

The survey of 2,000 people commissioned by wine accessory-maker Coravin revealed, for example, that red wine connoisseurs tend to be morning people who love to travel. What's more, they considered themselves more introverted than their white wine-sipping -- or guzzling -- counterparts.  Those latter folks to be extroverted people who like keeping the party going into the wee hours.

Other differences: white wine drinkers prefer cats over dogs, prefer jazz, identify themselves as curious and sarcastic, and also consider themselves -- falsely, as it turns out -- to be wine experts.

Red wine folks are adventurous, organized, and humble, prefer punk to jazz and canines to felines, says the OnePoll survey, which was published by SWNS.

The red wine drinkers didn't boast of their wine expertise -- just 31% considered themselves confident about their knowledge of the fruit of the grape, versus 45% of white wine drinkers -- though red wine drinkers could identify what tannins were, and how to properly hold their glasses. For the record, 75% of the red wine folks knew to hold the glass by the stem, lest their hands heat the glass' contents; just 65% of those who preferred white knew that, according to the survey.

Those who love reds were also willing to pay more for their wine of choice, spending as much as $40 a bottle, some three bucks on average more than their white-loving counterparts.

The average survey taker copped to having four glasses of wine a week.  And, no matter which wine they preferred, 72% said their favorite place to tipple was home.

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