Monday, Feb. 19 is Presidents Day in the United States.

The day, initially, was to celebrate the birthday of the nation's first president, George Washington -- which is actually on Feb. 22. It was moved 50 years ago to the first Monday of every month.

For children in the local school systems, they will be enjoying their February vacation as it is. However, there are other businesses and services that will not be in operation. On the flip side, Presidents Day is an unrestricted holiday, so businesses can open if they choose.

Questions always pop up on holidays like these; "Are the banks open? Is the post office open? Are local restaurants open? Here are some answers to those questions to, hopefully, clarify any confusion.


Federal, state and local offices will be closed on Monday. In addition, there will be no mail delivery. Schools, including colleges, will be closed, along with banks and the vast majority of pubic libraries.

As far as what businesses will be in operation -- of course, individual businesses may choose to close if they wish -- offices and businesses will mostly be open. Convenience stores, restaurants and bars, as well as retail stores will be open.

The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority will operate as scheduled.

If you have the day off, enjoy it and I'm very jealous of you.

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