With more places starting to re-open, you're bound to run into people who aren't following social distancing guidelines.  Here's how to handle it:

Speak up.  Especially if you're in a higher-risk group for the virus.  If you're not able to move out of the way to avoid the person, try asking them to take a few steps back . . . and mention that it's because you'd like both of you to stay safe.

Don't get angry.  Shouting at someone isn't going to get them to change their behavior.  So if you do speak up, keep it cool and respectful.

Don't assume you know why someone isn't following the guidelines.  Give the person the benefit of the doubt, especially since the guidance on social distancing and face masks has changed over time.

And some people aren't able to wear face masks for legitimate health reasons, like if they have breathing problems or are extra sensitive to touch and textures.

Thank people who DO practice good social distancing.  It reinforces their effort and helps you have a more positive mindset by focusing on the good instead of the bad.

New York Times / Miami Herald

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