More snow is on the way for Berkshire County tonight (2/24/22) through tomorrow (2/25/22).  No one is surprised by this.  It’s Massachusetts, we’re not known for having pleasant winters.

This got me thinking…just how snowy is Massachusetts?  How much snow, on average, does Massachusetts get compared to other states?  Are we in the top 10?  The top 5?

Well, let’s find out…listed below are the 10 snowiest states.

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10)  Wisconsin.  Bordering some of the Great Lakes up north, it’s not surprising Wisconsin comes in at number 10.  They average about 45.79 inches a year.

Welcome to Wisconsin

9)  Wyoming.  Also one of the coldest states, Wyoming comes in at number 9, averaging around 51 inches per year.  This number varies greatly depending on your location in the state.

Yellowstone National Park.Wyoming.USA

8)  Massachusetts.  Here we are, coming in at number 8!  We get around 51.05 inches of snow per year.  I feel like we contribute to that more here in the Berkshires than Boston.  Which…we do.  Here in Berkshire County we average around 65 inches of snow per year, while out east it’s more like 40-45 or so.  Interestingly, Massachusetts isn’t one of the 10 coldest states.

Snow covered trees after a snowstorm

7)  New York.  Our neighbors to the west average 55.32 inches of snow each year.  Places around Buffalo, with that lake effect snow, really contribute to that average.  Buffalo gets around 94 (!) inches a year, while NYC sees much less at around 25 inches per year.

New York Tribute
Blake Borg

6)  Michigan.  No surprise here.  Michigan borders multiple Great Lakes, and sees that intense lake effect snow.  About 60.66 inches fall per year in Michigan.


5)  Alaska.  What, Alaska isn’t number 1?!  Nope!  Alaska IS the overall coldest state, but they only come in at number 5 for average snowfall, with 64.46 inches per year.

Grizzly Bear Portrait

4)  Colorado.  I mean…it’s in the Rocky Mountains, and is known for skiing, heights and cold weather.  They average around 67 inches of snow, but the mountains average in the hundreds, up to 400 inches of snow annually some years.

Photos from summit of Mt. Evans and Summit Lake
Angelika Koehne

3)  New Hampshire.  We get a LOT of snow in New England, and the top 3 states are all part of New England.  New Hampshire comes in with an average of 71.44 per year.  That will obviously vary depending on if you’re up in the higher parts of NH or not.

Mount Washington in the Winter

2)  Maine.  Along the coast of Southern Maine, they get around 60 inches of snow annually.  Bangor is around 68.  For Caribou, Main?  It’s around 118 inches per year!  This all leads to the second highest snowfall average of 77.28 inches per year.


1)  Vermont.  Yep!  Our neighbors to the north, Vermont averages a whopping 89.25 inches of snow per year.  Southern Vermont, like Bennington, averages around 61 inches give or take.  But the further north you go, the more snow you’ll get.  Burlington averages around 81 inches per year, and the mountains of Vermont in the hundreds.

View of the numerous trails taken from the parking lot of a ski resort

So there you go!  Those are the top 10 snowiest states!  Are you happy to live in one of the snowiest states?  Or does this just make you want to move to Florida?


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