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Massachusetts has received more than 4 million vaccine doses since December and because of that, about 1.3 Million state adults have been vaccinated fully.

The Department of Public Health reported Tuesday that 287,010 doses arrived since it reported numbers Monday. That increases the total number of doses sent to Massachusetts to 4,063,570. Which at this point Neither I or my husband has been able to get our vaccines yet.

With more people in Massachusetts getting vaccinated there are some things that you should not do before or after you get your shots.

The CDC says, Don't take over-the-counter medications like Advil or Tylenol right before your shot. There's a slim chance it could interfere with the immune response doctors want to see. But taking them afterward to help with symptoms is okay.

Don't worry about drinking alcohol. Yes, too much can weaken your immune system in general. But there's no evidence that it affects the vaccine or how well it works.

Don't get a tattoo or piercing right after your shot. There's a slight chance it could trigger an immune response on top of the one you're getting from the vaccine.

Don't push yourself to exercise. Most people should be fine to work out after their shot. But if you're feeling run down, take a day off.

Don't forget to hydrate. It can affect how well the vaccine works. And some people develop a fever from the vaccine, which makes you sweat more. So drink lots of water.

After you complete your cycle of shots, you can get your vaccine card laminated for free at Staples, Office Depot or OfficeMax. The Office Depot and OfficeMax offer is available through July 25, according to Office Depot, and the Staples offer reportedly ends May 1.

Have you heard this? There's a new term on Urban Dictionary for people who brag about getting the Covid vaccine: Vaxholes. And here's how to use it in a sentence, quote, "Two weeks after the second shot and that vaxhole is posting selfies from a bar in Cancun."

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