Fourth of July festivities are just a few days away, family and friends get together to celebrate Independence Day so it's time to start dreaming about your Perfect barbecue and all that yummy grill deliciousness!

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More than 16,000 people how they'd like to divvy up their plates, with both barbeque mains and sides. three of my faves made the top 3.

For the mains, Juicy Burgers are #1, with 65% approval, Hot dogs and don't forget the mustard are second, followed by slow-smoked or barbecued ribs sausages, chicken wings, pulled pork, brisket, pork chops, turkey burgers, and finally, veggie burgers. Uh, Hello, the steak did not make the list.

As for sides, potato salad is #1. Next time you make a potato salad add some bacon it tastes delish! Corn-on-the-cob is second, followed by baked beans, watermelon, chips, mac and cheese, coleslaw, garden salad, cornbread, and "other bread and rolls."

Here in our neck of the northeast, 4th of July means clambakes on the beach (or any place you can dig a hole and light a fire). Once the fire heats up the stones that line the bottom of the hole, northeasterners add clams, lobsters, baking potatoes, corn still in the husks, and onions. Everything is served with lots of melted butter, salt and pepper.

An always-appreciated addition is creamy clam chowder, made the New England way if you call New England home, or Manhattan-style for those south of Connecticut.
If inviting everyone over for a clambake sounds like a great idea, you can find plenty of information and detailed how-to’s online. How about Boston cream pie for dessert?

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