Since moving to the Berkshires just a few weeks ago, one thing I've learned is that there is an abundance of amazing craft brews to choose from in New England. While that's awesome, craft beers can be expensive. Not only that, but also filling and have higher alcohol content than your average domestic. What if I'm just looking to chill and watch a game on TV for the night while enjoying a cold one or two? What is going to be my cheap beer of choice in Massachusetts?

The popular food and drink publication, 'Eat This, Not That' recently did some research using Google trends to find out what the most popular cheap beer is in each state. It's interesting that 'cheap beer' also seems to be synonymous with 'domestic beer'.

The most common cheap beer that was picked as the most popular by a number of states seemed to be Natural Light. However, that was not the pick for the Bay State. There is everything from Keystone to Yuengling to Budweiser that made the list. But again, none of those were the pick for Massachusetts.

Our neighbors in New York picked Genesee beer, which happens to be brewed in Rochester, NY. As someone from the Midwest, I have honestly never had a Genesee, but they seem to like it out to our west here.

As it turns out, the most popular cheap beer in the Bay State is Bud Light.

In fact, in New England, they have even gotten to have their favorite team on the can in recent years...

And of course, there was this awesome story from a couple years ago...

It seems that no matter what age (as long as it's over 21), or whether you're in a hospital for that matter, it seems to be that Massachusetts still loves Bud Light.

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