With such a rich history in the state of Massachusetts, we all know that there are several establishments in the Bay State that date back at least a few centuries. Of those restaurants that do just that, which ones still hold up to this day? And which ones are considered to be the best of the best? We may have just found out where the best historic restaurant in the state is, and it's in western Massachusetts.

Not only is this spot one of the oldest throughout Massachusetts, but it has stood the test of time and continues to bring that same historic feeling, all while staying modern. If we travel to the western side of the state into Berkshire County, there's a little town called Sheffield, where you'll find a spot that is known as one of, if not, the best historic restaurant in Massachusetts.

According to 'Best Things Massachusetts', The Stagecoach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge has stood the test of time since it was built and is named among the best historic restaurants in the Bay State.

Listed among just a handful of the best historic restaurants in Massachusetts, there were some defining words to describe The Stagecoach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge:

History is alive and well at the Stage Coach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge. Built in the 17th century, wide plank floors and hand-hewn beams dazzle diners and lodge guests. Candlelight enhances the historical feel. Guests dine by the fireplace at dinner time, indulging in foods from local farms when available. Sunday brunch is a real treat, and gluten-free and vegan items available. Try the braised beef for a hearty, traditional New England meal.

Whether it's an intimate gathering among friends, or couples, the spot has been around for multiple centuries and still giving off a great vibe. Check out their full menu at the link provided here. It's located at 854 S. Undermountain Rd in Sheffield.

It's one of those joints in western Massachusetts that gives you, not just another dining option, but one of the best historic restaurants in the state.

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