Massachusetts is home to some strange laws. Sure, we are a progressive state but we still have some laws on the books that are beyond outdated and others that make you say huh? You can check out over 30 of the Bay State's strangest laws below.

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A Particular Massachusetts Law I Really Don't Get Deals with Death and Eating

One Massachusetts law that really makes no sense to me and makes me wonder why it's even a law since it has likely never been enforced is the law stating that eating more than three sandwiches at a wake is forbidden. I have so many questions including the following:

  • How was 3 chosen as the magic number?
  • Who would be eating that many sandwiches anyway?
  • Why would one be stuffing their face when they're supposed to be paying respect to the deceased?
  • Who works up that kind of appetite at that type of gathering?

Unfortunately, I have attended a number of wakes and funerals in Berkshire County over the years including my father's funeral in Adams in August 1996, my aunt's funeral a few years ago in North Adams, my grandmother's significant other's funeral a few years back in the Town of Cheshire, and retired radio news anchor, Tom Jay's funeral in Great Barrington in 2012, just to name a few. I don't even remember sandwiches being an option at these gatherings as eating was the furthest thing from my mind. I could understand eating at a gathering after a wake or funeral but during? Give me a break.

This is definitely a strange Massachusetts law but I'm willing to bet that nobody nowadays is receiving a fine or being carted off in a paddy wagon if he or she breaks it. The offender may receive a stink eye from others though.

31 Strange Massachusetts Laws

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