Just because we've been home so much doesn't mean we've stopped buying things on a whim, I hate to say it but even before the pandemic I was a bit of an impulse buyer, but I would look at sales for sales too. A new survey found impulse spending has jumped 51% in the last year. And two-thirds of it was done from home on our phones and computers.

The average American has made 12 impulse buys and spent $276 on them every month. Which is a lot, but that also includes all the impulse buys we make at the grocery store. One year of pandemic later, Americans are still impulsively buying the main essentials, food/groceries, household items, clothing, and coffee.

Here are some of the things at the top of the list of what we impulse buy.

Food and groceries, Oh Yeah, some steak and lobster WEEEE!

Homemade Steak and Lobster Surf n Turf with Asparagus

Things for around the house and, Clothes,

Coffee. Like buying that super-expensive cup of coffee cause it smells so good you have to have one.


Toys for our kids

Delivery or takeout when we don't want to cook, How often have you done that one? I have my moments after a long day of having someone else do the cooking.


Books, who knew people still read books, I wonder if audiobooks and online books count.

Vehicles, Now that is a big impulse If ever there was one.


This one I am notorious for impulse buying, Gadgets, and tech stuff.

Pampering made the list too, things like massages and other spa services.

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