We all love the joy that Mr. Potato Head has brought us over the years. Is it Mr./Mrs. Potato Head or just Potato Head now? It's a hard to keep track. I believe Mr. and Mrs. are still part of the Potato head franchise they're just not as prominent on the toy box but, don't quote me on that. We could get into a whole debate about keeping or abandoning  Mr./Mrs. but that's for another day.

As I was saying, most of us love the Potato Head brand and the joy that the toys have brought us over the years. Heck, I even have 4 KISS Mr. Potato Head toys in my office (see photo below). You know Gene Simmons wouldn't pass on that money making opportunity. The Potato Head brand is as much part of our culture, especially for kids, as peanut butter and jelly. Remember spending times with your friends, dressing the toys up in different outfits and making the figures have funny faces? A simple toy, yes, but with big reward.

Now, there's a new cat or potato, I should say, in town. This is like Mr. Potato Head on steroids. This is (as I have dubbed him) the 'Berkshire Potato.' Even though, he's not a toy and you can't move his body parts around; this video will give you a laugh and be sure to brighten your day. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this video.

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The 'Berkshire Potato' talks, sings, dances. He, (I think it's a he) even attempts to beat box. How about that? A potato that can beat box? Check out the video below for a laugh and have your kids check it out too. Even though the background of the video clearly isn't the Berkshires, rest assured he is a Berkshire potato.  I hope to see many more videos from the 'Berkshire Potato' in the coming months. Hey, 'Berkshire Potato' you have your marching orders. So, start pumping out some more videos...lol

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