I don't know much about this "Alex Jones" guy that someone felt the need to write about on a gas pump, but I do know that the person who wrote it is shy of a few brain cells.

I'll be the first to say that I'm getting a little tired of the Joe Biden "I Did That" stickers and the graffiti riddling gas pumps across the SouthCoast. Is there a need to get whatever message you have out to the public by drawing all over an innocent gas pump?

The last time I checked, the gas pumps don't belong to you.

Regardless of whether the paint, ink or marker can be cleaned off of the pumps, it's still property vandalism and can land you a nice fat ticket. And for what? Trying to be the funny guy in town? Get a life.

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I'm far from being political, nor do I care who you voted for, but to continue to tag a pump with politics, bands and brands against the wishes of the pump owner can land you into some trouble with the law.

The only exemption is if the owner(s) of the gas pumps agrees with the sticker or graffiti and wishes to leave it there. Please keep in mind that the gas attendants have to spend their valuable time scrubbing and removing the unwanted tags and stickers.

So, the next time you think it's "cool" or "funny" to ruin a perfectly good gas pump with nonsense, think again.

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