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Every day another scam rears its ugly head. Whether it's the internet, cell phone texts, traditional phone calls, in this age of technology constantly evolving and the bad guys becoming more sophisticated, we, more than ever, have to be on high alert as scams are sadly part of regular everyday life. I've spoken with a few folks in Berkshire County that are currently dealing with scam issues and it's no picnic.

A fairly new scam that Berkshire County residents have been talking about in Berkshire County Facebook groups entails the potential scamee receiving a phone call. In one instance, the phone call was from this number:

A recorded voice then reports to the scamee that his/her power is about to be shut off due to an overdue bill. At this point a man named David says to the scamee that he/she has to go to CVS or Walgreens, purchase a payer cash card and then call David back with the code on the back of the card. In this particular instance, the potential scamee agreed to do it, hung up the phone, and called National Grid to learn that the scamee's balance was 0. The individual being scammed then called David back asking him "How many people have you ripped off today?" and here's my favorite part..the gates of hell are waiting for him.

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Other people in the Facebook group mentioned that the same type of experience happened to them, the only difference is where the call originates from. In one instance, the call came from Amazon. In another instance, the call came from Cambridge.

People asked on Facebook to get the word out about this scam and that's exactly what we're doing. Remember, if it seems or feels like a scam it probably is. If you receive such a phone call, it's a good idea to let the business that is being presented in the phone call know that this is happening and that their name is being used. This way the business can take notice and be aware that these calls are happening.

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