Fitness trackers are everywhere these days, but for those who don't like working out with with a bulky tracker, or who'd rather compliment a sharp outfit with a high-end watch rather than a piece of colored plastic on their wrist, there's the Motiv ring.

The titanium device could be easily mistaken for a stylish wedding band-style ring, but there's serious tech packed into the subtle package. Like other trackers, the Motiv keeps count of your steps, physical activity, sleep, calories burned, and heart rate, but does so in a nearly weightless unit you will literally forget you're wearing.

Completely waterproof to 165 feet, so you can use it swimming, or wear it in the shower, the ring syncs with a free app; a simple twist of the ring, and you can upload new info to the app via Bluetooth. The battery lasts about three days before you need to charge it; the ring sticks magnetically to a tiny dock that plugs into any USB port.

The Motiv ring also has another cool feature -- it can act an extra layer of security for services like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox and more. A simple gesture with your ring-wearing hand to your computer acts as two-factor authentication (2FA) key, unlocking various accounts with 007-like slickness -- and since you always have the key with you, there's no password to forget or extra dongle to leave behind.

The Motiv is available in silver, black, and rose gold; precise fit is ensured with a set of ring sizers that are sent to you before you receive your device, which retails for $199.


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