It’s summertime and the weather is hot…at least by Berkshire County standards.  July is one of the few months of the year in Massachusetts where you’ll get your money’s worth having a swimming pool.

My wife and son both love to be in the water and go swimming, and are jealous that some people on our street have pools and we don’t.  Well, we have a kiddie pool, but I don’t think that counts.  Personally speaking, I’m not a big fan of swimming or going in pools…and this statistic definitely isn’t going to change my mind.

According to one new survey, about 10% of people think it’s ok to urinate in a swimming pool.  According to another done a few years back, about 20% of adults have admitted to doing it.  Again…admitted to doing it.  The number is probably higher.

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Just think about that the next time you’re around a bunch of people, especially in a public pool setting.

I try not to judge things too much in everyday life, and maybe I’m being oversensitive here, but people…this is not ok!  Yes, I know pools are supposed to be treated with chlorine and algaecide and whatever else.  And yes, I know there’s a very limited health hazard.  But I’m sorry…the thought of going swimming in a public pool just got even lower on my list than it already was.

So how about you, loyal readers?  Are you part of the 10-20% that’s done something like that as an adult?  Or, are you like me, and will simply work on getting a tan on the side of the pool without actually jumping in?


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