Our planet continues to spin out of control, Berkshire County. Here's the latest tragedy occurring in the world of showbiz. Apparently, a member of the crew working on TV's "Law & Order: Organized Crime" was shot and killed on set in Brooklyn early Tuesday morning.

According to Variety, the New York Police Department reported that the crew member was 31-year-old Johnny Pizarro who currently lived in Queens. Pizarro was working security and parking enforcement for the "Law & Order" shoot.

The NYPD says that at approximately around 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Pizarro was sitting in his car when somebody yanked the car door open and just started shooting.

Pizarro took shots in the head and neck and was immediately taken by EMS to Woodhull Hospital. Tragically, Pizarro did not make it and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The shooter, described as wearing black pants and a black hoodie, still remains at large and the motive for the fatal shooting remains a mystery. It's not clear whether Pizarro, who was employed by a private company that was under contract by the TV show, knew the killer or not.

Hopefully, whoever the culprit is, New York law enforcement will bring that person to justice. And the sooner, the better. "Law & Order: Organized Crime" is a spin-off of the "Law & Order" franchise that stars Christopher Meloni who had previously starred in another show in the franchise, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".

For more on the story, check out Variety's website here.

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