Here are two of the biggest tax myths people still believe . . .

1.  "Getting a tax refund back is bad."  The idea here is that getting a tax refund back is bad because it means you gave the government an interest-free loan all year.  But the reality is, you probably would have spent that money anyway.

Studies have shown that small tax refunds gradually added to your paycheck get spent . . . while big tax refunds once a year tend to get saved or used to pay off debt.  And for most people, owing $1,000 would affect their life way more than getting $1,000 back.

And even if the government is making interest off of that $1,000 instead of you, you're not missing out on much.  In a high-interest account, we're talking about less than $3.00 a month in interest . . . about the same as one small latte from Starbucks.

2.  "It's better to no make more money to avoid paying more in taxes."  There are people out there who still believe that if you take a raise that moves you into a higher tax bracket, you'll actually end up making less due to the increase in taxes.

But when you get a raise and move up a tax bracket, only the amount in the higher tax bracket is taxed at a higher rate, not the entire amount you earn.  So anyone who tells you to turn down a raise to avoid paying more in taxes is an idiot.

(Business Insider)

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