There are plenty of Tom Brady fans throughout the Berkshires. From Great Barrington to Pittsfield to North Adams the announcement TB is un-retiring was met by cheers from Brady fans. Others are getting a bit tired of the Brady drama and wished after all the hoopla, thank-yous, and goodbyes he would just stay retired. Nobody is wishing that more than the private investor that lost more than a half-million dollars overnight.

Tom Brady Fan Loses $500,000 Overnight After Bidding on Last Touchdown Football

What was originally thought to be the last football Tom Brady would throw for a touchdown in his 22-year NFL career was auctioned off Saturday night. The ball was placed online by the fan who ended up the ball through Lelands Sports Memorabilia. The auction launched weeks ago with the minimum starting bid of $100,000. When the gavel came down to end the bidding at 10 pm Saturday the 23rd and final bid was announced. A private investor purchased the ball for over a half-million dollars. The total bid of 518,628.

Brady announced that he is coming out of retirement less than 24-hours after the ball was auctioned off. If Brady just throws 1 touchdown pass in the 2022 season that half-million-dollar football will be close to worthless. The fan that caught the ball is looking like a genius putting it on the auction block so quickly after catching it in the stands. Alter paying Lelands handsome commission from the sale of the ball that fan is now rolling in some fat cash.  Check out the final auction page by clicking on this link to Lelands Sports Memorabilia.

The auctioned-off football was thrown by Brady and caught by Mike Evans for a 55-yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter in the playoff game against the Rams. Evans tossed the ball into the stands and was caught by a lucky fan now looking to cash in according to Lelands. Lelands added “Tom Brady having given no formal indication that he was retiring at the conclusion of the Buccaneers’ season, no one could have realized the ball’s historical significance at the time” Evans throw the ball into the crowd. The Rams went on to beat Brady and the Bucks 30-27.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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