What can be said that isn't already known about the 1997 epic romance and disaster film 'Titanic?' As stated in Wikipedia, 'Titanic' was the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark. It remained the highest-grossing film of all time until James Cameron's 'Avatar' surpassed it in 2010. The list of accomplishments of this blockbuster continues for what feels like forever. Too many to name here.

Of course, viewers remember the famous scene of Jack's portrait of Rose nude on a couch. That scene by the way was the first shot between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as the main set was not ready yet. Director James Cameron said the following regarding that scene being one of the first of the film shot:

It wasn't by any kind of design, although I couldn't have designed it better. There's a nervousness and an energy and a hesitance in them. They had rehearsed together, but they hadn't shot anything together. If I'd had a choice, I probably would have preferred to put it deeper into the body of the shoot."

I mention all of the above information because in the Great Barrington Sell and Exchange Facebook group, there's a seller (well, I guess he's technically not selling anything in this listing) from Hillsdale, New York who has listed a couch for free or best offer (lol) and the listing is entitled: "The Original Couch from Titanic." In addition, he recently updated the listing as "The Couch from Titanic Part 2." He is obviously joking about this couch being the same couch from the 'Titanic' movie but he's having fun and it is a nice couch, especially if you're interested in something classic and elegant. Plus, the Facebook comments are a hoot.

Here's the seller's original description below:

When I moved into my partially-furnished new place and realized that I had inherited the infamous couch from the original motion picture, Titanic. I was.. the equivalent to “star struck” but you know, with a couch. Kate Winslet was here? Naked? On MY couch? No way! “Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack.” I couldn’t believe it. After a couple weeks I realized I was in no financial condition to do this couch justice and design the rest of my home interior to fit the style of this most holy of sofas. So I’m doing what any true Titanic fan would do in this situation, and setting the couch free.. My heart will go on. Please note: a couch of this stature needs ideally three strong Irish people from the lower decks to carry it down a flight of stairs and onto a truck. Also the hull of this ship seems to have seen an iceberg or two and could use a few staples to batten down the hatches. Free or best offer. The faster it goes the sooner my heart will heal from its absence.

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He even included a photo of certificate of authenticity (see below)

The seller's updated description adds even more humor to the listing. Here's the description:

Wow. So many nice people are interested in my couch! Since my original listing on 5/9 I decided to take a moment and try my hand at sketching Kate Winslet on this couch. Drawing an unrequited love from memory, by candlelight, on a lonely Monday evening is nothing new here. See attached drawing.. On Facebook I also noticed a lot of folks doubting the validity of this sweet sofa. So I did a little research, as any honest person does, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this is NOT the original couch from the 1997 box office smash, but that of the unreleased sequel, Titanic 2. Wow! But luckily for me, and the person who presents the best offer (still yet to be determined so please inquire) Kate Winslet did in fact get naked on this couch too! Phew! And specifically in a scene where she eats a sandwich which matches up with the mayo stain I found. So I hope this clears things up for all interested. It’s been a journey but it checks out! ..so yea it’s worth way more but it’s still free.

If you are interested in this free Titanicish couch, you may want to contact the seller before it's gone. Here's the link to the couch once again. You'll need to get approval in order to join the group but it's worth it if you want this fancy schmancy couch in your home. Then you too can brag to people about how you own a 'Titanic' (or not so Titanic) couch. A Great conversation piece, no doubt.

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