The town of Lanesborough will be holding its 18th Annual Bulky Waste & Electronics Collections at the location of 10 Maple Court in Lanesborough, not too far from Bobs Country Kitchen, coming your way Saturday, September 18, 2021
8:00AM to 12:00PM.

They will be doing one car offload at a time. Here is the breakdown of cost and Items accepted and may be subject to Change.


Change in price for freezers & refrigerators! (Doors must
be removed) The costs are below.

Furniture and Carpeting Price/Unit Electronics, Computers, TV’s Price/Unit
Waterbed mattresses $10.00 ea.

Couches/Loveseats $20.00 ea. Portable TVs $10.00/ 20.00ea

Upholstered chairs $ 10.00 ea. Console TVs $25.00 ea.

Wooden chairs/end tables $ 5.00 ea. Large. Projection TVs $40.00 ea.

Kitchen/dining table $ 12.00 ea. Printers, scanners $ 5 00 ea.

Bookcases/Bureaus $ 5.00 ea. Telephones/Answering machines $ 5.00 ea.

Wooden doors $ 5.00 ea. Copier machines $15.00 ea.

Windows in wooden frames $ 5.00 ea. Video Game Systems $ 5.00 ea.

Room-size carpet $ 10.00 ea VCR,DVD,Fax machines $ 7.00 ea.

Twin/Single mattress or box spring $20.00 ea. Computer monitors $ 7.00 ea.

Full/Queen/King $20.00 ea. CPUs (Computer Tower) $ 10.00 ea.

Laptops $ 10.00 ea.

Propane Tanks Miscellaneous
20 lb. LP gas BBQ tanks $ 5.00 ea Porcelain toilet $ 10.00 ea.
Larger LP tanks (up to 100 lb) $20.00ea. Porcelain sink – bathroom $ 10.00 ea.
16.4 oz. “camp-size” $ 1.00 ea. Porcelain sink – kitchen $ 10.00 ea.
Metal sink – kitchen No Charge
Scrap metal/Appliances Metal swing sets No Charge.
DRAIN GAS & OIL FROM ALL ENGINES Plastic playground and
Bicycles No Charge other toys over 2’ x 3’ $ 7.00 ea.
Push Lawnmowers No Charge Child car seats $ 7.00 ea.
Riding Lawnmowers No Charge
Snow blowers, rototillers No Charge Tires
Air conditioners, dehumidifiers $15.00 Passenger Car Tires up 19” $4.00 ea.
ea. Metal storm doors No Charge Truck Tires (19’5 max) $ 7.00 ea.
Refrigerators, freezers $15.00 Tires 20-24 “ $10.00 ea.
Stoves No Charge
Washers/Dryers No Charge
Dishwashers, trash compactors No Charge
Residential water heaters
Up to 80 gallons No Charge OPEN TO ALL MEMBER TOWNS
Microwave ovens No Charge
BBQ Grills No Charge
Treadmills, exercise eqpt No Charge

Some items may not be listed if you have any questions on what you can get rid of call
Call the Northern Berkshire Solid Waste District at 413-743-8208, Linda Cernik

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