iBerkshires.com  reports the Mount Greylock Advisory Council has serious concerns with erosion on the Thunderbolt Ski Trail.
Advisory Council member Heather Lindscott relayed a message to the state Department of Conservation and Recreation and the rest of the council from the Thunderbolt Ski Runners who have noticed major erosion issues on the historical ski trail caused by over hiking.
Trail Coordinator Becky Barnes said the Thunderbolt is the quickest way up the mountain and one of the most popular trails. She said the erosion has been worsened by water cascading down the trenched trail.
She added that because it is a ski trail it can't really be shut down. The trail is always "live" so it is hard to allow for any regeneration.
Lindscott suggested rerouting parts of the trail for hikers or blocking off parts of the ski trail but Barnes said she thought this would only send people off-trail. She said with endangered species throughout the area she did not want people storming through. She said this would also make rerouting parts of the trail difficult.
Chairman Cosmo Catalano thought some signage and possibly blocking parts of the trail with snow fence would at least get the word out and may give the trail time to regenerate. He said it would give DCR some time to form a plan for a more substantial repair of the trail.
Barnes said she would meet with the Thunderbolt Ski Runners and get the ball rolling but noted any larger trail project would take a lot of time and a lot of resources.

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