If your New Year's resolution was to start dating more, why not take a minute to learn about all the ways those people are going to screw you over?

Here are eight new terms that are floating around to sum up the modern dating climate by the New York Post.

1.  Pocketing.  That's when someone is dating you but knows it's never really going to get serious . . . so they keep you away from meeting their friends or family.  In other words, they put you in their "pocket."

2.  Cookie jarring.  That's when someone treats you as a backup option while they date other people.  Every once in a while they'll metaphorically pull you out of the cookie jar . . . but only if they don't have any better options.

3.  You-turning.  That's when you start dating someone and you really like them . . . but then you find out some detail about them that means you have to abruptly end things.  Like a criminal record or a secret family or whatever.



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