According to doctors, here are three lies you should never tell them, because it can affect your treatment.

That you've been taking your medication every day, when you really haven't.  They might decide the medication you're on isn't working, and give you something stronger that comes with more side effects.

That you've been working out a lot more than you have.  If you're dealing with something like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, again . . . they'll wonder why working out didn't make a difference, and it might affect how they proceed.

That you never smoke, even if you only smoke socially.  Obviously lots of health problems are associated with smoking.  So if you tell your doctor you never smoke, and he hears wheezing in your chest, he'll wonder why and might order unnecessary tests.

The same goes for alcohol, which is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, memory problems, depression, and a ton of other things.

Alcohol can also skew the results of certain tests.  And obviously you can't drink with some medications.


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