Yes, we know, summer is winding down! It is only a matter of weeks at this point before it is officially Fall in the Berkshires, and everywhere for that matter. But with the time we have left, and the warm weather that is sure to linger for awhile, how about we get a load of the fact that there are three spots in the Berkshires that are being called the 'Best Spots for Summer Fun in Western Massachusetts'!

As someone who moved here at the start of the month, it seems that I pretty much lucked out with my choices of spots to come to as I am smack-dab in the middle of the Berkshires and have certainly enjoyed my time spent here this summer to the fullest! Of course, then I find out that 'World Atlas' says we have three spots that are the best for summer fun in the Bay State. You don't say!

Let's find out about why 'World Atlas' picked those spots.

1) Tanglewood

Getty Images
Getty Images

As I've been told from friends I've made since being here, along with other co-workers, Tanglewood is the venue to go to for some amazing shows! 'World Atlas' mentions how the summer season is when traditionally go to Tanglewood to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra. They also still have shows coming up with Brandi Carlisle, and another with Van Morrison before the summer ends.

2. Lenox

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

While Tanglewood is technically in Lenox, 'World Atlas' also chose the town of Lenox as one of the best spots for summer fun in western Massachusetts. As 'World Atlas' says about it:

...It is the perfect location to enjoy the peace of mountains and parks, enjoy listening to and watching musical performances, and learn about the region's history through its museums and libraries. The area is teeming with attractive sites, including The Mount, Edith Wharton's Home, and fine dining restaurants, in addition to outdoor attractions like Pleasant Valley Sanctuary...

3. Pittsfield

Aerial View of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States of America.
De Agostini via Getty Images

Of course, they also put Pittsfield on the list. How could you not? 'World Atlas' cited the fact that Pittsfield has recently been named as a top city for young families. And of course the restaurants, live entertainment, art, the nightlife in general, and more.

So get your fill of it while you can! Summer is going to be over in a matter of weeks, but there's still time to enjoy it to its fullest!

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