In like a lion and out like a lamb. Let's face it, March is a tricky month. We're all ready for spring by March's arrival, but it just doesn't seem to get warm around here until Memorial Day!

Spring arrives in twelve days and once we get past the mud, we'll enjoy some better weather. Lest we forget those late spring anomalous snow storms.

There are some definite notable and memorable snowstorms in my life, particularly the "April Fools" storm of '97. My buddy had just gotten his license and it was game on to do donuts in empty parking lots. Boston got 25.4 inches of snow during that storm, and LATE, too, on April 1!


What about March, though? It's certainly a winter month with winter like weather, but it hasn't had a ton of historic snowfall.

This Was Boston's Snowiest March Day Ever

March 13, 2018

Boston reported 14.5 inches of snow on that day!

Just a reminder: We spring forward this weekend. On Sunday, March 12, remember to move your clocks forward one hour as we enter Daylight Saving Time.

I hope you found this post informational.

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