You might get a weird look from your waiter for this, but apparently it works . . .

If you want to eat less the next time you're out at a restaurant, ask them to bring a box for your leftovers with your food, not after you're done.

A new study at Penn State found you're less likely to overeat if you know you have the option of taking leftovers home with you.  And having a to-go box in front of you the whole time could help with that.

Two groups of women were given the same amount of food.  But before each meal, one group was told they could take any leftovers home in a doggy bag.  And because of that one thing, they consistently ate less.

Just have the box right there in front of you while you're eating, as a reminder that you don't have to clean your plate. T hat way, you're more likely to stop eating when you're full.

Daily Mail

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