Let's talk about going "back in time": Millions of years to be exact when dinosaurs inhabited this earth and to this day, humans are fascinated by these gargantuan reptiles and that was rule of thumb with the 1993 release of "Jurassic Park" but we take you back to the 1840's as an English museum curator was responsible for discovering the first large thigh bone which belonged to a prehistoric predator that walked into the earth's core, therefore the first dinosaur fossil was introduced back in the 17th century.

1. Russell Crowe’s Dinosaur Bones

The scavenger hunt continues to this day as statistics show California is the top state with the most fossil findings followed by Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico and Florida. If you are wondering where The Bay State fares out, we are NOT that far behind as Massachusetts ranks at number 9 in the top 10 with a total of 319 as these results were compiled by The Paleobiology Database.

The latest finding in our backyard resulted in a set of tracks from a dinosaur which was classified as a theropod that measured approximately 50 feet long and evidence shows recent remains of a "plant-eating" dinosaur best known as an Anchisaurus were both discovered in the Granby area. Ironically, there is a local connection to this article as The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield hosts a display that features an exclusive fossil exhibit as visitors are invited to see these historical displays in our backyard.

Grant recipient, Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield
Grant recipient, Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield

Recently, the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was auctioned 2 years ago and it's recipient shelled out a whopping $31.8 million. In my opinion, they spent big money on lots of bones. Complete fossils from the two legged Podokesaurus were displayed from 1910 until the remnants of this "docile" reptile were destroyed in a museum fire therefore erasing it's existence in this earth.

19. Blue, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In closing, 3 New England states, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont have no documentation of dinosaur fossils as these areas were below sea level when dinosaurs were in existence and a lack of bones dissipated due to glacial erosion therefore the preservation process was not prevalent due to a lack of ground sediment on the earth's surface.

(Some information obtained in this article, courtesy of www.stacker.com and The Paleontology Database)

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