The correct response:  Who is Courtney Llewellyn?  The MCLA alumna, an English/communications major from the Class of 2007, made her appearance on the long-running syndicated TV game show on Sept. 25.

In an article on MCLA's website, Llewellyn said that “between 300 and 400 people make it to Jeopardy! every year, so it's actually eight times harder to get on the show than it is to make it into Harvard." That factoid actually sounds like it would make a good question for the show. No wonder she aced her audition.

She was all set to move from New Orleans back to upstate New York when she got the call to audition. Having already spent money on a moving truck she asked friends to donate so she could fly back to New Orleans. They came up with more than 500 bucks to make it happen, and she did so well in the audition she was invited to the show just two weeks later.

For the the self proclaimed "trivia junkie" it meant a major item checked off of her bucket list. But even if it's not your lifelong dream, Llewellyn thinks everyone should try the game's online test. She said, "You never know what you know!”

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