Throughout Massachusetts, there is definitely no shortage of great seafood restaurants to choose from. No matter what town or city you're in, or what region of the state, it is always a popular choice when you're having a craving for some good seafood. Especially given we're in the New England region. And now, it seems we have a seafood joint that is also one of the top seafood spots in America!

Recently, 'Yelp' released its Top 100 Seafood Spots 2024 list and sure enough, Massachusetts had a spot nailed down on the list. Of course, 'Yelp' is a purely based on customer reviews. So, who better to tell you about how great a seafood restaurant is than other customers?

What Massachusetts seafood restaurant is among the Top Seafood Spots in America?

If you head about 40 miles northeast of Boston, at the tip of the Cape Ann peninsula, you will find the beautiful town of Rockport, which is home to the Roy Moore Lobster Company, which landed a spot on the list of the Top 100 Seafood Spots for 2024.

This seasonal spot is at #47 on the list from 'Yelp' Here's an example of what 'Yelp'ers, such as Erik S. from Hartford, CT are saying about this seafood joint:

A great little place to get the freshest lobster from friendly staff. We ventured out to Rockport MA for sightseeing and shopping and stumbled across Roy Moore Lobster. I'm not usually a fan of the cold lobster roll and tend to gravitate to the hot buttered version. However I was pleasantly surprised by the authentic flavor of the lobster meat, which was lightly dressed and loaded with tender lobster meat.

We sat back behind the building by walking through a very small "ally" between the two buildings and the rolls were brought to us. The staff was very friendly and energetic. I recommend this stop for anyone wanting a fresh, delicious and authentic lobster roll. experience.

You'll find a lot more stellar reviews such as that, and even much more extensive on 'Yelp' for the Roy Moore Lobster Company. From the looks of it, no one can wait until these guys are open for the season.

The Roy Moore Lobster Company will be open back up this Spring, which will be a perfect time for a road trip out to one of the top seafood spots in America. Enjoy, Massachusetts!

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