Almost three years after March of 2020, the day that Governor Charlie Baker announced the closing of schools in Massachusetts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one district in the Bay State is considering bringing back masks.

According to CBS 6, Boston Public Schools are looking into the possibility of bringing back a "temporary masking mandate" when students and teachers return to classes after the holiday break next week. School officials are concerned about a repeat of last year's staff shortages and student absences which occurred after in spike in cases following the holiday break.

In a letter to families and staff, Superintendent Mary Skipper said administrators will meet with the Boston Public Health Commission during the break to "discuss any possible changes to our COVID protocols, such as a temporary masking mandate for the first two weeks of school after the break." She said any decision would come by the end of this week.

Infectious disease experts advising the school district are split on whether the temporary return of masks is necessary. Some that are in favor say it would protect against the spread of not just COVID-19, but also RSV and flu, which have both seen an uptick in cases in Massachusetts youth.

However, the same experts are also considering the effects the masks have on interfering with education, particularly among younger students.


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