Everyone has their go-to pizza joint no matter where you are. In Massachusetts, we're lucky enough to have plenty of excellent spots to choose from. We also have our favorite types and styles of pizza. Whether you're ordering Deep Dish or Thin Crust, or New York Style or Neapolitan, everyone is going to have their own preference. But it seems there is one particular pizza joint in the Bay State that is now being praised for having the best pizza in all of Massachusetts. So, where is it that we need to make the trip to for the best pizza in in the Bay State?

The popular food publication 'LoveFood' has released its own list of the best pizza place in every state. The spot was chosen based on general customer reviews, as well as awards and accolades received by the particular pizza joint.

What Pizza Joint has the Best Pizza in Massachusetts?

There is a pizza parlor residing out east in Boston that came away with the distinction of having the best pizza in Massachusetts. That particular spot is at Galleria Umberto.

This unique pizza joint in Boston is ONLY open during lunch time and will shut down for the day when they run out of food, so be sure to get there early, and carry cash! Here's what 'LoveFood' had to say about the establishment being the best pizza joint in Massachusetts:

A pizza parlor with history, Galleria Umberto has been operating at Hanover Street since 1974 and is still family run. It has an unassuming exterior and interior, but the food speaks for itself. Favorites include the meat and cheese-stuffed arancini, greasy Sicilian squares, pizzettes (small pieces), panzerotti (savory turnovers), and calzone. Be prepared to line up – and to need napkins. It’s also cash only.

The food publication 'Phantom Gourmet' also gave the pizza joint some accolades earlier this past year as you can see in the video below:

That's one more must-try spot to add to your list regardless of where you are in Massachusetts. Bring cash and come with an appetite during lunch to experience the best pizza spot in Massachusetts!

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