While this season didn't pan out for the New England Patriots and their rabid Massachusetts fan base, millions of residents still plan on tuning into Super Bowl LVII.

Even though the dynasty that the New England Patriots once sat atop has changed over the past three or four seasons, Massachusetts is still a pretty good state to reside in if you're a sports fan. Even if you can't cheer on Tom Brady anywhere in the 2023-2024 season.

WalletHub recently took a look at over 240 cities throughout the United States to see what city is truly the best (or worst) for football fans. With Super Bowl LVII upon us,  WalletHub examined cities with at least one college or professional football team across 21 different metrics including the number of NFL and college football teams to stadium capacity and fan engagement, among others.

Not so surprisingly, Boston, Massachusetts came in towards the top of the list as the fourth-best city for football fans in the United States. Between the Patriots, who truthfully play 45 minutes south of the city, and five Divison 1 NCAA football programs (Boston University, Harvard University, Boston College, Northeastern University, and Merrimack College) there is plenty of football to choose from.

Toping Boston on the list of the best football cities in the county we Pittsburgh, PA, Green Bay, WI, and Dallas and TX, respectively. No surprise that all of those cities have some of the most dominant football organizations in the history of the NFL.

Falling below Boston and rounding out the top ten were Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Kansas City.

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