In these days, practicing the art of kindness is the key in trying to cope in this "difficult and crazy" world that we are living in. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case these days as we STILL have to deal with condescending people who thrive on drama as their mission is to make others miserable because they do not have a source of happiness to call their own. Being I was born and raised in an urban area, we STILL managed to practice the morals, ethics and values that our parents instilled in us while growing up.

Statistics show that city-dwellers, who tend to interact with more people than those in rural areas, were perceived as ruder, but that rudeness may be a form of "self-preservation." But the question is: Does this have to be rule of thumb?" I don't think so!

Occupations with the Rudest Drivers

Enough of this pontification as my article shows readers there is an area in The Bay state that ranks as the 5th rudest nationwide. Can you guess where? If you said the capital city of Boston, you are absolutely RIGHT. The big issue is Beantown has some of the WORST drivers who hit the road (Why can't they use public transportation? They have plenty of options including the T, comparable bus service and call an Uber or Lyft to get you from point a to point B). Pedestrians have one complaint: Drivers just don't slow down and have no common courtesy for those who are hoofing it. Good thing smaller cities like Worcester and Springfield do NOT fall into this dreadful category. And we are good to go locally in the Berkshires as drivers and pedestrians work together in keeping the rules of the road intact.


If you are wondering where rudeness prevails each and every day, here's the irony on this survey: The city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ranks number 1 followed by Memphis, Tennessee, my ol' hometown of New York City and "Sin City", Las Vegas, Nevada.

The top 5 most pleasant places where kindness prevails: At number 1, Austin, Texas, San Diego, California comes in 2nd place followed by another Texas city, Fort Worth. Nashville, Tennessee (Music City USA) and Indianapolis, Indiana close out this happy go lucky list.

BOTTOM LINE: As Glen Campbell used to say: "Try A Little Kindness" You'll be glad you did!

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of NBC10 Boston)

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