As mentioned in previous articles, Berkshire County residents have been spotting and capturing plenty of wildlife on video and in photos this summer. Some of the critters we have seen include bears, turtles, moose, raccoons and many more exciting forms of nature on foot. A few times a week, I'll scan through some of the local Facebook groups and see what types of wildlife people have captured on phones/camera for all to see. A majority of the time, we are seeing new photos and videos of bears with one, two, sometimes even three cubs in tow.

One animal not seen in the groups, until now, is the bobcat. In The Berkshires Facebook group, a member, Holly Knott, posted a group of photos of a bobcat roaming around at her home in the Berkshires. Here's what she wrote to the Facebook group members:

A very unexpected sighting in our yard in Lee on Sunday. Photos taken safely through the living room window. This bobcat sat in place for a good 15 minutes, looking tired and bored at times, but was fixated on something under the hosta (most likely one of a few baby bunnies who have been growing up in our yard the past month or so). Finally he made a (slow) move but didn't get anything. He reappeared peeking through the coneflowers and then disappeared.

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After contacting Holly, she told us the following:

I owe my husband a ton of credit for noticing the bobcat. My husband just happened to look out the window and called for me to look out in the back yard immediately"

A bobcat is definitely something you don't see everyday and this is a great find.  We included Holly's photos below. Simply awesome.

Bobcat Spends 15 Minutes at Berkshire Property

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