The Tooth Fairy isn’t keeping up with the times, at least here in Massachusetts.

I remember the Tooth Fairy visiting me when I was younger.  I’d put a tooth under my pillow, and the Tooth Fairy would give me somewhere between .25 cents and .50 cents.  Not bad for the mid-80’s I guess.  However, the Dental Care Alliance did a recent study on the Tooth Fairy, and for some reason the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like Massachusetts kids.

This new study finds that the Tooth Fairy leaves kids in Massachusetts around $2.48 per tooth.  Now, that might be more than you or I received as a child, but the Tooth Fairy is a cheapskate when it comes to Massachusetts.  We rank third lowest out of all fifty states for the average amount of money left overnight for a tooth.

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The Tooth Fairy leaves $4.57 on a national average, so we’re down more than $2.00!  The Tooth Fairy is so much more generous in other states!  For example, Delaware, Hawaii, and Florida are the top 3, with averages of $8.91, $8.39 and $7.42 per tooth respectively.  I’d say the Tooth Fairy hates the cold New England weather which leaves them in a bad mood, but Rhode Island came in at number 5 with $6.12 per tooth.  Only Wyoming and Iowa came in less than we did, with $2.43 and $2.30 per tooth.


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So, why does the Tooth Fairy hate Massachusetts so much?  Did a child kick the Tooth Fairy’s dog at some point?  Is the Tooth Fairy in touch with Massachusetts parents who don’t want to spoil their kids?  Maybe the Tooth Fairy just hates the Red Sox, who knows.  Whatever the case is, kids in Massachusetts are earning significantly less than the national average.  I also know that if the Tooth Fairy was giving me almost $9.00 per tooth in Delaware, I would’ve knocked my baby teeth out myself.


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