We all know that it's a crazy world we live in, right Berkshire County? The news is all bad, all the time. Not just here in the Beautiful Berkshires, but everywhere. I mean, a truck driver who was loaded up on fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin and was responsible for the deaths of seven motorists in New Hampshire back in June of 2019 was found innocent of all charges. How does that happen?

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With that said, anytime I find a good news story that can bring a smile to your day or lift your heart(for a little while anyway), I welcome the opportunity to share it with my friends and neighbors.

I found a story that seriously restores my faith in mankind. I mean, pardon me for getting a little sappy here, but I honest to God almost shed tears of joy when I saw this. This happened just yesterday at a Little League regional tournament game in Texas.

Here's what happened: A Little Leaguer from Oklahoma was up at bat facing a pitcher from Texas when an 0-2 pitch got away from him and hit the young batter right in the noggin. Yep, the kid got beaned. Now if this happened in the Major Leagues, there probably would have been a bench-clearing brawl.

Luckily, the batter was okay(this is why batting helmets are important, folks!), shook it off, and went to first to take his base. The pitcher(who obviously did not throw the pitch maliciously) was more shaken up than the kid who got hit. This is what happened next:

(Video on YouTube courtesy of ESPN)

Doesn't that make your day a lot better? This kid, who literally went from young kid to young man in a matter of minutes, showed a whole lot of class. He told the pitcher, "Hey, you're doing just great." The incident brought a standing ovation from those attending. Truly a heart-warming moment. I know I feel better.

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