Massachusetts is home to some of the most unique towns of any state throughout the country. They seem to have a capitalized on a certain niche and style for town names in the Bay State. While most of them have some sort of history behind them, there are some that you will hear and then think to yourself, "That town definitely sounds like it could only be in Massachusetts." But some towns just sound so fake, but are they really?

We already have plenty of actual towns throughout the state that are commonly mispronounced, such as Worcester, Gloucester, Tyngsborough, and Leominster, among others. Before I moved here, I wasn't even sure how to pronounce the region, 'Berkshires'. I would say it like Burk-shy-urs. I was quickly corrected and have never again pronounced it wrong. But what about town names that just sound like they have to be a real town in Massachusetts? There are definitely more than a handful of those.

As well as some might know the Bay State, perhaps they will know right away whether it is an actual city, town, municipality, or neighborhood in Massachusetts somewhere. You will probably be able to catch why each one is fake. But on second thought, what if it actually is real? I mean, it does sound like a place that would be somewhere within the Bay State. Could it actually exist?

For those that ARE fake, the list comes from McSweeney's Internet Tendencies. Michael Andor Broduer came up with them and they all sound just like real Massachusetts towns. We made our own alternate reality to think up what that town would actually be like, given its name. Check out this list below and see what you think about these fake Massachusetts town names. You might almost think some of them could be real...

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