The Berkshires is not only a top tourist destination in the country but also a great place to reside and raise a family. We have many towns that garner a rich history and culture along with offering a lifestyle where peace and quite is a very real thing. Between the hometown feel, friendly neighbors, safe neighborhoods and excellent education, who wouldn't want to setup shop in the Berkshires?

After examining the website World Population Review we're able to report the combination of the 9 biggest cities and towns in the Berkshires along with some facts and figures as the site used the latest U.S. 2020 census information. They also used census information from 2010 so you can compare the difference in population over the past 10 years. Density(mi²)  also played a factor in the order and selection process of the cities and towns that made the list.

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The website measured the Top 245 Cities in Massachusetts by Population We pulled out all of the Berkshire locations from that list. Let's take a peek at how these 9 cities/towns rank. They're listed from biggest to smallest

The Biggest Cities/Towns in Berkshire County According to the 2020 U.S. Census

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