If you're having trouble sleeping, maybe the answer is . . . MORE ICE CREAM.  I mean, as far as cures go, that's way better than, like, "not using your phone before bed" or "taking five Ambien."

According to Foodbeast  there's a company called Nightfood and they just created ice cream that apparently helps you SLEEP.

It's VERY different than regular ice cream.  I never knew this, but it turns out that regular ice cream is bad for your sleep . . . mainly because of the sugar or sucralose, and caffeine.

Nightfood's ice cream has extra protein and lots of other amino acids and enzymes that are supposed to help you fall asleep.  It's also low-calorie, like Halo Top, with around 320 calories in a pint.

If you're interested, you can buy pints now on their website in eight different flavors . . . and they say they'll be in grocery stores later this year.


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