Everyone has their favorite Donut.

My husband Scott is a bavarian chocolate-covered and also a crueller donut lover. I am more of the jelly-filled kind.

From the moment they opened up two years ago their donuts were a delicious hit. I am talking about Shire donuts in Adams. Everyone who has ever gone to Shire Donuts has only good things to say about their sweet and savory delicious donuts.

People will drive from Pittsfield and the surrounding area to get their tastebuds the sweet fix they are craving.

There is good news for lovers of donuts. Shire Donuts is expanding its operation to central Berkshire County because of its popularity.

The shop will be in the former Burgner's Farm Market building which is the place that had held Stacie’s Corner Cafe. The doughnut connoisseurs were originally aiming for a location in Pittsfield but opted to be right on the city line

What makes Shire Donuts great besides the taste,? you can pick your own toppings.

Jeff and Heather King owners of Shire donuts have made it a family affair with daughters Lauren and Chloe King as part of the operation.

The Kings expects to open the Dalton shop in March, but they are taking into consideration the possible supply chain shortages for equipment.

With the Shire moving into Dalton folks will have a lot shorter ride to get what they love. for folks who drive up to Adams for the Shire Donuts will be a lot closer.

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