Listeners of "Slater and Marjo" may have heard us talking about a recent YouTube video that was posted showing the inside of the now defunct Berkshire Mall. Included in the video's beginning was information and photos of the mall's inception.

By September of '88 the mall was open and ready to go, and full of trees! That is one thing I remember as a child for sure, the amount of greenery, be it fake or real. Trees and ashtrays every forty feet it seemed. 😆

Ironically, growing up we had two choices to take the bus to, North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA or Liberty Tree in Danvers, MA. North Shore seemed to be the "cooler" one.

Larry Greenstein Facebook
Larry Greenstein Facebook

So, Why All The Trees In Malls?

Have you ever walked into a casino and felt sort of instantly relaxed? I swear they pump in some sort of scent in mist form that does that to us.

Originally, I thought it was some sort of funky '70s or '80s style to line the corridors of these massive retail complexes known to us as shopping malls with trees, most artificial, some real.

Berkshire Mall via YouTube
Berkshire Mall via YouTube

The Answer, I Suppose Is Simple and Obvious...

Vibe. Relaxation.

There are many benefits of having greenery designed and installed inside shopping centers. The design of ecological spaces and environments has become a field of interest for the commercial management of shopping malls, given its potential effect on visiting and shopping intentions.

Translation: People buy more when they're relaxed!

I hope you found this post nostalgic and informative.

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