Self-made millionaires always say it took a lot of effort and determination to get where they are.  But there might be one thing you can do increase your chances.

A journalist named Napoleon Hill interviewed a bunch of millionaires while he was doing research for a book in 1937 called "Think & Grow Rich".  And he found that all of them had one trait in common:  DECISIVENESS.

He analyzed the characteristics of more than 500 millionaires, and every single one of them made decisions quickly and confidently.

He also found that people who struggled financially tended to make decisions more slowly, and second-guessed themselves a lot.  So even when they finally made a decision, they had a habit of changing their mind.

Obviously that doesn't mean you can get rich just by making decisions faster.  But it could help in everyday decisions.

Researchers have also found a few other traits millionaires tend to have in common.  They wake up early . . . exercise regularly . . . read a lot . . . and hang out with other people who are successful.

Business Insider


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