With the new year also comes the additional increase in the Massachusetts minimum wage.  The minimum wage will continue to increase every year until 2023.  The first increase was back on January 1st of 2019 when the minimum wage increased to $12.00.  In 2020 the state added an additional 75 cents totaling $12.75 and an increase to $4.95 for employees whose majority of income is based on tips.

This past January 1st the wage increased to $13.50 and $5.55 for tipped workers.  In just weeks on January 1, 2022, the state’s minimum wage will increase 75 cents to $14.25 and for tipped employees $6.15.  On the first day of 2023, another 75 cents will be added for the final legislated increase to $15.00 per hour and $6.75 for employees whose income is based on tips and not an hourly wage.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill into law in June of 2018 that would increase the state’s minimum wage gradually each year beginning in 2019 through 2023.  Prior to the bill being signed the state’s minimum wage was $11.  The final increase totaling $4.00 from the 2018 rate to the 2023 wage increase.

Only California will have a higher minimum wage than Massachusetts in 2022.  California’s wage will increase from $14.00 to $15.00 on January 1st for employees working at businesses with 26 or more employees.  Looking at a state-by-state graph on the Labor Law Center website is not difficult to see why so many Americans are living at the poverty level.  Twenty of the 50 states will pay workers only $7.25 per hour.  Not even enough to buy a combo meal at McDonald's.

Thank you, Massachusetts for looking out for the workforce in the state.  For those 20 states allowing a minimum wage to remain at $7.25 and for those elected to represent the hardworking men and women of this country, you should be ashamed at the lack of attention you devote to trying to level the playing field of the underprivileged and dedicated workforce you are elected to represent.  Try gassing up your Maserati to drive to your yacht on $7.25 per hour.  Shame!

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