The Kansas City Chiefs have won every coin toss this year, going 9-0.  And if you go back to the pre-season, they actually have a 12-GAME coin toss winning streak.

A statistics professor says the odds of that are INSANE.  There's only a 0.0244% chance that a team . . . or anyone . . . could win 12 straight coin flips.

But despite that, it's happened at least twice before.  The Chicago Bears won 14 straight in 2016 . . . that includes one before the start an overtime.  And the Detroit Lions won the coin flip in 14 straight games in 2004.

And in 2013, the Carolina Panthers won eight straight, which was noteworthy because they'd LOST 13 straight to start the previous season.

For what it's worth, the Chiefs have only called heads-or-tails about half the time . . . so they 'won' some that the other team called, too.

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