If you've got a first date this weekend, this might help you land a second one . . .

A new survey asked over 1,200 people to name the worst things you can do on a first date.  And texting or talking on your phone too much is #1.

Apparently it's even worse than looking nothing like the profile pic in your online dating profile.

The five worst things you can do on a first date are:  Using your phone too much . . . not looking like your profile pic . . . chewing too loudly . . . talking too much without asking questions . . . and showing up late.

The top five are a little different for men and women though:  25% of guys said taking photos of your food to post on social media is a huge turn-off.  And 25% of women said not offering to pay for dinner is one of the worst things men can do.

The survey also asked people about their preferred way to reject someone if they don't want a second date.  Doing it via text was the #1 answer, followed by calling them on the phone . . . ghosting them . . . and meeting up in person is fourth.



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