There's a glorious moment in every man's life when his wife tells him he doesn't have to vacuum, do dishes, or do laundry anymore, because he's so bad at it.  Incompetence is bliss.

A new survey from FemaleFirst  came up with the top eight shortcuts men take when they're cleaning.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  Dusting around objects instead of lifting them up.

2.  Wiping crumbs onto the floor.

3.  Not washing food off dishes well enough.

4.  Pushing garbage down instead of emptying the trash can.

5.  Just rinsing the shower instead of scrubbing it.

6.  Throwing in the whites with the rest of the laundry instead of separate loads.

7.  Squirting bleach into the toilet but not scrubbing it.

8.  Picking stuff up off the carpet instead of vacuuming.

Sound familiar ?

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