Once again, my "radio wife" Lisa Z tipped me off about a hidden jewel that is located just north of Great Barrington. Here's the scoop: About two years ago when the height of COVID-19 was at it's peak, a pair of New Yorkers decided to invest in a 19th century property here in the beautiful Berkshires and the end result turned the historic West Stockbridge, Massachusetts home into one of the prime destination spots here in our backyard.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine has deemed The Filomena as "the coolest air b-n-b" in our vicinity as 42 year old Michael Bolognino and his husband, 33 year old Nick Spain got married at this historic home 4 years ago and the end result was a relocation to the Berkshires from Brooklyn, New York. Both had a mission to take an enormous amount of time in renovating the 4,500 square foot home which was once a rectory that first opened it's doors for worship back in 1850.

The one acre home is reminiscent of a Victorian motif and has been designated as "the designiest house" here in the Berkshires featuring outdoor gardens that will take your breath away. The interior spotlights 13 foot ceilings, a total of 6 bedrooms for occupancy plus a quartet of bathrooms (no waiting if you pardon the pun). Another incentive, it's located within walking distance in the village of West Stockbridge. Both proprietors have a positive feeling about their new investment which is sure to satisfy those who make this their prime target destination in western Massachusetts.

Bolognino reiterated: "In the whole entire state to be selected as the coolest was an incredible achievement. It made me proud"

Spain added: "I hope it was chosen due to the fact that it redefines what a historic renovation. We made a lot of choices that I'm really proud of that are kind of atypical as far as what historic renovations look like"

The Filomena was named in honor of Bolognino's grandmother and we are certain she has given the all-important stamp of approval. See for yourself by accessing their web site and whether you are a local resident or out of town visitor, it is well worth your time to stop by and experience one of the wonders our community has offer. Guaranteed, Michael and Nick will welcome you in high fashion in the heart of West Stockbridge, so come on over and see for yourself.

(Some background information was obtained from a recent article that was published in Boston magazine)

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