Do you like your birthday?  Or do you wish it fell on a different day of the year?

iNews  asked 2,000 people what the best and worst birthdays are.  And if you were born in mid-June, you've got nothing to complain about.

June 15th is the best birthday, according to the poll.  And the worst birthday you can have is . . . yep, Christmas.

According to the poll, the second-worst birthday is February 29th . . . which only comes once every four years, on a Leap Year.

Meaning people would rather have a birthday once every four years than share their day with everyone else.

48% of people said the worst part of being born on February 29th would be not knowing which day to celebrate on . . . 32% said dealing with all the jokes . . . and 11% said missing out on cake.

The poll also found just over half of us want or expect cake on our birthday . . . 84% of us like to add candles . . . and 75% make a wish when blowing them out.




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