Patriots Day is this Monday.  A day Massachusetts has been celebrating since 1894 in honor of the colonists who on April 19, 1775 fought British soldiers at the battles of Concord and Lexington.  The first shots were fired that day that has become known as the beginning of the American Revolution.

Patriots Day is usually highlighted by the running of the Boston Marathon.  The pandemic cancelled last year's race and for public safety reasons the 2021 marathon has been moved to October 11th this year.  The Red Sox are another Patriots Day attraction and will on the field at Fenway Monday morning to take on the Sox of a different color, the Chicago White Sox at 11:10 a.m.

This October will be the 125th running of the Boston Marathon.  The field has been cut back to 20,000 runners.  The marathon was last held in 2019 when 30,234 runners took part with 26,657 crossing the finish line.  The very 1st Boston Marathon was held in 1897.  That race featured 18 runners.  It is unknown how many finished the race.  If you would like to take part in this year’s marathon and have currently achieved a valid Boston Marathon qualifying time, registration begins this Tuesday, April 20th at 10am.  Click this link to the Athletes’ Village registration form. For more information on the marathon click this link to the Boston Athletic Association.

The Sox have been playing on Patriots Day morning since 1960 with only two exceptions in 1967 and the strike year in 1995.   They first time the Sox started a morning Patriots Day game was back in 1903.  With only just over 4,000 fans currently allowed inside Fenway, the game is sold out.  The 1st pitch Monday morning at 11:10 can be heard in the Berkshires on New Country 94.7 WNAW, in Pittsfield on 1420-AM WBEC and in Great Barrington on 94.1 WSBS.

Patriots Day is not a federal holiday and only celebrated in Mass and in Maine.  Here’s a list of what will be open and closed on Monday in Massachusetts...

Retail – most will be open

Banks – most will be open

Courts – State courts closed…Federal courts open

City & Town Offices – closed

Schools – closed

State Parks – open

Liquor Stores & Dispensaries – open

Public Transportation – open

Radio Stations – on the air

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