Remember this the next time you confide in someone. Odds are you only have about a half an hour before your secret starts spreading.

--According to a new survey by a British skin care brand called Simple, the average woman can only keep a secret for 32 MINUTES before she tells someone else.

--The survey was only conducted for women, so we don't know if men are as willing to immediately leak information.

--The survey also found that about 10% of women say they can't keep ANY secret, no matter how personal it is. 13% say they tell secrets specifically because they want gossip to spread.

--Almost half said that they share secrets because they can't handle being the only person who knows.

--10% say they've had a friendship end because either they leaked a secret or their friend leaked a secret . . . and a fight over that tore them apart.

--And finally, 85% say they LOVE hearing gossip from other people.

Does this surprise anyone ?

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